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This converter is based on a combination of multiple sources, the main one being Figures' own data, coming from our 1197 clients & public salary / cost of living data gathered from public sources. We're continuously working on adding more sources to increase quality.
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Figures offers reliable start-up & scale-up salaries for Germany, France ...and beyond. Figures provides compensation benchmarks, gender equality audits, and gives further insights so you can make qualitative & informed decisions about your compensation.

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There is no perfect solution, however cost of living is often used in case of international mobility (with an objective of maintaining the person's purchasing power in the new location), while cost of labor is often preferrable when it comes to hiring local talent

You should use gross salary. We do not yet account for gross to net salary differences as they greatly differ from a country to another.

The total amount of money that it costs a company to employ people, including pay, insurance, benefits etc.