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Underrepresentation of women in Tech roles

Virgile RaingeardPublished 04/28/2021

Let’s dig into Figures' dataset (78 companies, 7000 employees)!

As an introduction to a multi-part series on #genderequality, and to celebrate the launch of Figures Gender Equality Index’s, let’s start with the basics: Representation.

Well, no surprise: only 12% of women amongst Software Engineers roles, 26% in Data roles, 41% in Product & Design (close!).

Interesting that it doesn’t come as a surprise now, if we consider that women literally invented computer science, and were well represented in computer science schools back in the ’80s (more on there)

On the other end of the spectrum: 91% of women amongst General Administration/84% amongst HR roles. Once again, men's and women’s representation among the job families spectrum should be kept in mind when it comes to considering the global gender pay gap.

In between 🎖to the Sales & Customer Success Job Family for obtaining a perfect 50/50!

Want to know if that is the case in management as well? Head over to our dedicated article!

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