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Proportion of women amongst managerial positions

Virgile RaingeardPublished 04/28/2021

What proportion of women amongst managerial positions in 🇫🇷 start-ups & scale-ups?


36%. With a % going down as we go “up the management ladder”. More details:


This number is, again, an interesting illustration of the glass ceiling effect.

If we want to be positive, we can say that the** % of C-Levels **is slightly higher than in the more global benchmark(McKinsey study, source below): 25% vs 21%. At VP Level as well: 36% in start-ups & scale-ups vs 26 or 30%.

If we remain France-focused, that’s also better than the 20% of women amongst ExCo members (CAC40 companies) or 22% (SBF120 companies).

Now, the representation of women in management is the basis of our “Management Score”.

It’s pretty simple: you get a perfect 100% if at least 50% of your managers are women✅.

For each % below 50% however, you get 2% deducted. Only 25% of your managers are women? 50% score ⚠️.

And yes, 80% of your management roles being held by women still means a 100% score. We think that we should not penalize companies who are tipping the scales the opposite way.

There’s a simple catch, however: we give more weight as we go “up the management ladder”: you can’t have a great score by having a high % of women in the first management levels and none amongst your executive roles.

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