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Negotiation & Gender Pay Gap: yet another study

Virgile RaingeardPublished 05/02/2021

Women at the top of the salary distribution request lower salaries compared to similar males when in a real-world salary negotiation.

The gender gap in negotiation behavior explains a large portion of the gender pay gap.

Women receive slightly lower offers than males although requesting the same salary.

Yet another study with the same conclusion ("Gender gaps in salary negotiations: Salary requests and starting salaries in the field" by Jenny Säve-Söderbergh)

❓ How to fight against that? ❓

👤 As individuals, spread awareness! We should thrive for LESS negotiation when it comes to recruiting!

🙋As a candidate, consider dodging the usual "What are your salary expectations" question (or "What is your current salary?") by asking the recruiter to instead outline how THEIR salary practices ensure fairness to everyone.

Not only it's the company's responsibility to remove any bias in their salary policies, but it allows you to avoid the now well-known "Anchor effect".

💼 As a CEO/HR Director of a company, ask yourself: how much room do you give to negotiation in your hiring processes? And annual reviews? Maybe too much ?

If that is because you lack strong market data and therefore feel unsure of your salary grid/policy, Figures can help: we're the only relevant source of data for start-ups and scale-ups. Nothing that you'll find elsewhere will match the data we have in 🇫🇷.

Is it because you don't know where to start in terms of process? Well, 3 quick wins that can have a major impact:

  1. Stop asking what the person currently earns! Either ask what (s)he wants to earn, or better: just explain what salary you plan on offering!
  2. If you planned to offer more than what the person is/was asking for, just offer that package! Offering more than the candidate's expectations in the name of fairness goes a long way in building trust.
  3. Separate duties: ask someone else, that does not know the candidate's expectations yet is knowledgeable enough in that domain to make the initial offer. That person is not biased by any salary expectations and can come up with a "fair package", regardless of the candidate's demands. And if that offer is above the candidate's expectations: refer to point number 2!

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